a new health experience unlike any other

Zero wait, fully inclusive. Fast, effective & affordable.

Althing Clinic

Providing convenience care, primary care, behavioral health, rejuvenation and wellness. No appointment needed for minor illness/injury and prescriptions.

Open 9am to 7pm Monday and Wednesday, 9am to 4:00pm Tuesday-Thursday-Friday and 10am to 2pm Saturdays.

Why Althing is best
for you

Althing's fully modernized system is convenient, inclusive and cost effective for your care.

Zero Wait Time

Immediately upon entering the clinic you are advancing your care, connected with your chart and care team.

Personalized, Inclusive care

This unique service personalizes to your age, gender, race, language, literacy, culture and more for an amazing experience.

Service in a fraction of the time

Through new high tech self serve MedBays you are provided the fastest and most thorough service at a fraction of the market average cost.

Althing Austin Clinic
A new health experience

A first of its kind! Althing Clinic is providing modernized care in Austin Minnesota on the Riverland campus. Here you can experience a quality of healthcare never before available.

Althing Clinic services operate without boundaries. With the award winning Phrazer/Kitsune and our patented staff engagement technology, Althing services seamlessly operate both inside the clinic and out in the community.

The first Civil Rights enabled clinic in the country!

Althing Clinic is the first in the world to provide equal care for all patients. Any age, gender, literacy, language or culture experiences true, equal service.

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1600 8th Ave NW, Austin, MN 55912

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